Sound Board Check
Checking your Sound Board for use with WriteLog
There is a program available on the Downloads Page of the WriteLog website that enables you to test the compatibility of your sound board with WriteLog.  It's called Sound Board Check V9.22.
Download the zipped file to your hard drive, unzip it and run the program SBrdChk.exe.  If your sound board is compatible with WriteLog and appears to support all operations, you will receive the following message and a rating of 7f for your sound board.  A 7f is the highest rating.
This message was received when I tested the sound board in my Dell notebook PC.  It does not have a Line input, but it does have a MIC input.  Pressing OK generated the following analysis.
Not all sound boards are fully compatible with WriteLog.  This is especially the case with laptop or notebook PC's.  In some cases you could receive the following message.
The results are a little misleading in this case.  It states the sound board will support WinRTTY on two radios, however, WriteLog does not allow me access to the Stereo Sound Board AFSK or Stereo Sound Board FSK menu options under TU Type.  Those options are greyed out.  Therefore, I would be unable to run two radios using this sound board.

I am happy to report that the sound board in my notebook PC works fine with WriteLog's WinRTTY and MMTTY plug-in programs by using the MIC input of the sound board when using just a single radio.  More than likely, your soundboard will work fine for a single radio.  If you are just starting out using WriteLog for RTTY contesting, you certainly are not ready to tackle two radios! hi

You can use WinRTTY or MMTTY without having the Stereo menu options available if you are using just one radio.