Installing the Operating Frequencies


Use this procedure to install the operating frequencies in WSJT-X so they are available in the frequency pull-down menu on the main screen.

1. From the WSJT-X main screen, select Settings under the File menu.

Figure 1

2. Click on the Frequencies tab.

Figure 2

3. If there are no frequencies listed on the Frequencies tab page, then right-click inside the page and select “Reset”. If the frequency list is populated with frequencies, continue to Step 5.

Figure 3

4. When asked if you want to discard current frequencies and replace with default ones, select “Yes”.

Figure 4

5. With the frequencies listed on the page, right-click the mouse in the upper section of the page and select “Insert…”

Figure 5

6. Use the pull-down menu and scroll down to select FT8 which is the last mode listed.

Figure 6

7. In the Frequency (MHz) box, manually type in the frequency you want to add in MHz., such as 3.590, 7.090, 14.130, 21.130 or 28.078. When finished, click OK. To add more frequencies, repeat the procedure shown in Step 5.

Figure 7

8. While still on the Frequencies tab page, scroll down to make sure the frequency you just created is inserted correctly. When finished, click OK at the bottom of the page to close the Settings screen.

Figure 8

9. Back on the main WSJT-X screen, use the frequency pull-down menu to find the frequency or frequencies you created.

Figure 9