DC3HB SCC Module

The SCC RTTY Championship module by Bernd, DC3HB

Bernd, DC3HB, has created a contest module for the SCC RTTY Championship. This modules is downloaded from the Downloads Page on rttycontesting.com. The file you download is a zipped file.  In the zipped file you will find an  executable (.EXE) file which automatically installs the necessary files in the correct locations so they are recognized by WriteLog.  PLEASE NOTEYou do NOT have to install this module using the WriteLog Legacy Installer Helper.

Installing the module is easy.  If you have an older version of the module installed, the installer will remove the older version and install the newer version.  This is also true if you happened to install the SCC RTTY Championship module provided in the SM6SRW module package.  It is recommended you use the DC3HB SCC module instead of the one in the SM6SRW package because it’s more up-to-date.

1. Download the installation files from the Downloads Page and save  it to your hard drive. The zipped file looks like this.


2. The file is zipped, so unzip it onto your hard drive, run the executable file (.exe) and follow the instructions during the installation. The executable file looks like this.


3. After the installation, open WriteLog, choosing to start a new log.  Scroll to the SCC RTTY Championship entry in the WriteLog Contest Selection screen.


4. When you select SCC RTTY Championship, a dialog screen will appear where you input contest exchange information.


5. Enter the correct information and you are now you are ready for the contest!!!