Legacy Installer Helper

WriteLog Legacy Installer Helper

Beginning with WriteLog version 10.77, released in June 2010, the third party contest module package created by SM6SRW (and possibly others) now require users to run the WriteLog Legacy Installer Helper to install these modules (regardless of operating system).  If you have previously installed these modules under an earlier version of WriteLog, you do not need to run the Legacy Installer after upgrading to 10.77.    The files are already in the appropriate locations.  However, if you ever uninstall or need to repair or add modules from any of these packages, you will need to use the Legacy Installer to do so after upgrading to WriteLog version 10.77 or later.  PLEASE NOTE:  DC3HB & DL1EFD contest module installations do NOT require the WriteLog Legacy Installer Helper.  These installations programs are written to install the appropriate files in the correct locations.

In addition to using the Legacy Installer to install SM6SRW modules, you must also use the WriteLog Legacy Installer Helper to install the MMTTY plug-in for WriteLog.

The SM6SRW module package can be downloaded from the Third Party Downloads Page on the WriteLog website.  If you try to install the SM6SRW  modules using their own installers, the modules will not install correctly.  Using the Legacy Installer installs the modules for you and places the .dll and .ini files in the correct directories for use with WriteLog version 10.77 or later.

The process is quite simple.  Here are some helpful instructions.

1. Download the appropriate module package files to your hard drive.  It doesn’t matter where on your hard drive you store them.  Just remember where you save them.

2. With WriteLog version 10.77 (or later) already installed on your PC, run the WriteLog Legacy Installer Helper by going to the Start menu.


3. When the Legacy Installer Helper opens, click the Browse Button.


4. Navigate to the location where you saved the executable (.EXE) file for the package you want to install.  Click on the module’s .exe file and click the Open button. (NOTE: The download file for the SM6SRW modules on the 3rd Party Downloads page in the WriteLog website is WLCM_SM6SRW_050110.exe)


5. Back at the Legacy Installer Helper window, click Run Installer button and follow the instructions for installing the module package.  The SM6SRW module installation program allows you to choose which contest modules you want to install. Please note that it is recommended that the SCC RTTY Championship from the SM6SRW package NOT be installed because there is a later and more up-to-date module by DC3HB.


6. Once the installer has finished, reboot your PC.  The contest names for the contest modules you installed are now listed and will now be available when you choose to start a new log in WriteLog.