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Installing MMTTY & the MMTTY Plug-in

If you are new to RTTY, I recommend you first print & read a copy of the “Getting Started on RTTY” tutorial located on the AA5AU RTTY Page.  There are detailed instructions there on downloading & installing the MMTTY program which is required in order to use MMTTY with WriteLog.

MMTTY and the MMTTY Plug-in for WriteLog are two separate items.  MMTTY is a program which transmits & receives RTTY.  The MMTTY Plug-in for WriteLog, written by Jorgen SM6SRW, is a driver which allows MMTTY to be used with WriteLog.

Installing MMTTY

The first step in running MMTTY with WriteLog is to install the MMTTY program written by Mako, JE3HHT.  You must install the entire full version of the MMTTY program.  Windows 98 and XP users install MMTTY in its default directory C:\Program Files\MMTTY\.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 users should install in C:\MMTTY or any other directory OTHER THAN C:\Program Files\MMTTY\.  Failure to install the full MMTTY package will result in problems running the MMTTY plug-in for WriteLog.

To obtain the latest version of MMTTY, go to the MMTTY home page at  The file you need looks like this on the page (please note that when this tutorial was last updated, the latest version of MMTTY was 1.68A.  It’s possible there could be later version showing on the Downloads section of the MMTTY website.  Click to download the Full Version as shown below.  (IMPORTANT! Please note that during the installation process you will have the option where to install MMTTY.  Windows 98 and Windows XP users will want to install MMTTY in the default location C:\Program Files\MMTTY\.  Windows Vista and Windows 7 users must install MMTTY in a location other than C:\Program Files\MMTTY\ such as C:\MMTTY.  Vista and Windows 7 users need to create this directory before starting the installation process.)


When you click on the link MMTTY168A.exe above, a ‘File Download’ screen will appear.  The easiest way to install MMTTY is to click the Run option as shown below.  Follow the instructions on the screen to install MMTTY.

You do have the option to Save the file and run the installation program later or on another computer if desired.  For detailed instructions on installing MMTTY, click here.


This completes the installation of the MMTTY program.  If you are going to continue and install the MMTTY plug-in for WriteLog, it is recommended that you reboot your computer before doing so.  And, although not absolutely necessary, it is recommended that you learn the MMTTY program before using it with WriteLog.  MMTTY comes with an excellent help file.  There is also a detailed tutorial on using MMTTY called “Getting Started on RTTY” here.  There is also an MMTTY reflector on Yahoo Groups where you can obtain answers to your questions.  Be sure you can transmit and receive using MMTTY before you attempt to use it with WriteLog.  The next step is to install the MMTTY Plug-in for WriteLog which will allow you to use the fine features of MMTTY within WriteLog.  (Remember to reboot your computer before installing the MMTTY plug-in for WriteLog).

Installing the MMTTY Plug-in for WriteLog

Once you have the MMTTY program installed and running on your PC, you are ready to install the MMTTY plug-in for WriteLog.  Download the MMTTY Plug-in for WriteLog from the Third Party Download page on the WriteLog for Windows web site to your hard drive.


Run the plug-in setup program MMTTYPluginforWritelog_V13.Exe.  (NOTE:  If you have recently installed WriteLog or an upgrade to WriteLog or any other program, be sure to reboot your PC before installing the MMTTY Plug-in for WriteLog.  Likewise, it’s a good idea to restart your PC after installing the plug-in.)


Follow the installation instructions until the installation is completed.  If you have any problems during the installation procedure, refer to the MMTTY Plug-in for WriteLog Troubleshooting Page.