MMTTY Plug-in Page 2

Starting MMTTY

Starting MMTTY in WriteLog for the First Time

Start WriteLog the normal way.  Choose a RTTY contest module such as “CQ World Wide RTTY Contest” and activate a Rttyrite window if there is not one already showing.  A Rttyrite window is activated by going to the Window pull-down menu on the main WriteLog screen and choosing RTTY Window.  A Rttyrite window will appear.  Resize it so that it does not overlap the main WriteLog screen.  In the Rttyrite window activate MMTTY by going to the TU type pull-down menu and choosing MMTTY.


The first time you activate MMTTY within the WriteLog Rttyrite screen, you will receive an error message.  This is normal.


The reason for this error message is because WriteLog does not know the path to MMTTY on your hard drive.  If you click the OK button, a browse window will appear where you need to navigate to the folder where the full MMTTY program and MMTTY engine MMTTY.EXE is located.  If MMTTY was installed in its default location C:\Program Files\MMTTY\, then navigate to that location on your hard drive.  Once you have the MMTTY folder open showing the location of MMTTY.EXE, click the Select button.


If you to get a Rttyrite9 error message, don’t worry.  Just click OK on the error message and restart the RTTY Window again from the main WriteLog screen.  I’ve received this error message before, but each time it’s worked on the next try.  Remember, the plug-in comes in beta form.  If you encounter other errors that you cannot resolve, check the Troubleshooting Guide on Page 7.

An MMTTY RTTY Control Panel will appear.  It should look something like the screen shot below.  If it looks different, that’s OK.  You can change the way the RTTY Control Panel is viewed and the first time it appears, it may not come up exactly as shown here.  Move the RTTY Control Panel so it does not overlap either the Rttyrite window or main WriteLog window by dragging it with the mouse.