2014 Soapbox

2014 Ten-Meter RTTY Contest Soapbox

7N2UQC I was able to enjoy this contest.
8P2K Managed to get in 4 hours just before the end of the contest. Just wanted to make a few QSO’s and help out by giving out the 8p multiplier. Just wanted to make a few QSO’s and help out by giving out the 8p multiplier.Just wanted to make a few QSO’s and help out by giving out the 8p multiplier.Just wanted to make a few QSO’s and help out by giving out the 8p multiplier. Thanks for the Q’s and congrats to the organisers
AA5UK Wow that was fun! Only had time to play for a couple of hours. Buddipole vertical and 40W worked well. I was surprised by the amount of DX stations I was able to work. Will have do it again next year! 73, Adrian AA5UK
AI4QB Good to see so much 10m activity! Good while it lasts!
DJ2RG Thanks for the nice contest
DM5TI In my opinion one power category (low power) only is not a good solution. This rule is an invitation for cheaters. That’s why I send only a check log with 37.9k claimed scores
EA8AH Good propagations! Better result than last year. A power supply failure made me to use hand switch to change the antenna directions. The two-direction transmitting was not in use. Was difficult to keep the frequency! Was monitoring 5C5W! Lets see?!
GU0SUP So good to see 10m in great shape! But, I ended up going to hospital for 3 hours only to find out I had suffered a small stroke, which affected my vision. This made it hard work to contest seriously. Thanks to all who made it possible
HA0MS Tnx fer nice contest!
HA6NL ICOM756pro 100w 3 el yagi GP-s, dipoles
HZ1PS Could only join the contest for 3 hours then the band closed up very quickly. Enjoyed myself but would have liked to give a bit more of an effort. Thanks to all for the contacts
JA1HFY This contest was in good condition, so that I could enjoy the wonderful contest
JA8EIU Tnx for The Ten-Meter RTTY Contest 2014
JH7IQQ I enjoied the RTTY contest. I want to turn Big ANT
JJ5HUD TNX FB Contest. I enjoyed very well
JO4EUP I enjoyed the contest
K5ZD Fun contest
K6JEB After waking-up from a nap after the ARRL 160 Contest, I felt like I was missing all the fun up on ten meters, so I set up N1MM and jumped in.
KA2VLP My first RTTY contest. Had a great time. Thanks to all the OPs who worked with me for the QSO’s
KH6TU Got on for the last two hours, on one frequency, and ran 136 contacts straight to the end. I guess everyone was happy for a fresh call to work. Only difficulty was deciding whether to point the beam at USA or Japan. Tried to provide equal time to each, and a little bit of time to South America and VK/ZL. Thanks to Al, AD6E for use of the callsign. KH6TU, ops K6UFO and ND2T 10m: 2 el yagi at 70 ft Elecraft K3 100 watts Writelog, MMTTY and 2Tone software
KR2AR I set what I thought was an optimistic goal of 300 Q’s by 80 Mults, but conditions were so good that I easily surpassed the mults and exceeded the Q’s. Lots of fun! I operated remote from our condo in New Jersey (where antennas of any sort are strictly forbidden) to a station in New York using the Elecraft K3/0 and K3 pair with the Remote Rig interface over the Internet. The system worked great with no noticeable latency or anomalies of any sort It was as if I was sitting directly in front of the radio instead of hundreds of miles away. Remote contesting not only makes it POSSIBLE to do some contesting when direct operation is not possible, I now know that you can actually be quite competitive as well. Thanks to Don AA5AU and Ed W0YK for creating and sponsoring this fun event
KV4QS Many thanks for the Qs. 10m was in good shape.
KX7L Time on was mostly in the late afternoon both Saturday and Sunday. Good openings to JA both days, culminating in a nice run in the last half hour. I’m going to miss these conditions in a few years! Thanks for all the Q’s!
PB7Z Tnx fer very nice Contest
SM5S First contest with WriteLog. I had to work this Sunday, but had some time off.
TK5MH Nice one day contest which allow to share half of the week-end with family. Low power results in less crowded band. Participation is not as high as I would like, fortunately the guys from the west saved my score as usual. The band shut down too early 🙁 Thanks to all who called, 73 Fabien
W1LQ Operating from Maine, we skipped the start and got on at sunrise 12 UTC. Operated just under 10 hours straight, taking off the last two hours. Hard to break into Europe at first, then about 4 good hours into Europe. Then we had to start swinging the beam and start working North and South America. At sunset in Maine we pulled the plug. Lots of people were happy to get the Maine multiplier. Thanks to WW1ME for use of the callsign. W1LQ, ops K6UFO and ND2T 10m: Log periodic, 42 ft boom at 114 ft. Elecraft K3, 100 watts Writelog, MMTTY and 2Tone software
W4HM Good radio wave propagation conditions on 10 meters from here in central Florida
W4SDJ Part time fun!
YT2PFR Veri nice contest !