Rttyrite FSK Setup

FSK Setup for MMTTY w/XMMT
FSK Setup for 2Tone
FSK Setup for MMTTY plug-in for WriteLog

With WriteLog, you have several options available to key FSK from the main Rttyrite window depending on which TU Type is selected.

When using MMTTY via XMMT.ocx, you have four options. You either allow WinRTTY (WriteLog’s native RTTY modem) to generate the FSK using either Hardware generated FSK or Software generated FSK, or allow MMTTY to generate the FSK either directly or via EXTFSK.

With 2Tone in the main Rttyrite window, you must use WinRTTY for FSK since 2Tone does not support direct-keyed FSK. Your options are either Hardware generated FSK or Software generated FSK.

With the SM6SRW MMTTY plug-in for WriteLog, you have three options. Use WinRTTY for FSK where your options are either Hardware generated FSK or Software generated FSK. Or allow MMTTY to generate FSK. However, if you allow MMTTY to generate FSK, this must be set up in MMTTY before selecting the MMTTY plug-in as the TU type.

Note: You cannot use 2Tone for receive and MMTTY for FSK transmission from the same main Rttyrite window.

If you use an external TU such as the HAL DXP38, PK232, KAM, or any other supported TU that is capable of generating FSK, then FSK is generated from the TU itself and you only have to tell Rttyrite which COM port the TU is connected to.

If you use a microHAM interface, detailed instructions on setting up your device with WriteLog can be found on the support page on the microHAM USA website at http://microham-usa.com/store/cmspage.php?page_id=11.