N1MM Logger+ RTTY Quickstart Guide

This guide is for those who want to get up and running on RTTY quickly with N1MM Logger Plus using MMTTY as the main digital interface. Also, instructions are included in how to use both 2Tone and Gritty as receive-only decoders. This guide is primarily for those who are not familiar with N1MM Logger+ but are already familiar with MMTTY. For those not familiar with MMTTY, please go to Getting Started on RTTY first. It is important to get MMTTY working as a stand-alone program with your equipment (radio & digital interface), and operating RTTY fully before attempting to use it with N1MM Logger+ for RTTY. Once you have MMTTY working with your radio and interface, come back here and continue with this tutorial.

Let it be written that this guide may be totally unnecessary given the excellent documentation of N1MM Logger+. However, any program as detailed and feature-rich as N1MM Logger Plus takes more than a few minutes to digest. Although this tutorial is called a Quick Start, it’s necessarily long to make sure of your success. Nearly all the information given here can be found in the N1MM Logger+ help documentation file N1MMplus.pdf. N1MMplus.pdf is over 700 pages so it’s not expected that you read the entire document before getting started. The index of N1MMplus.pdf is a set of links to the online documentation which is also excellent in assisting you along the way. Be sure to use it when needed. N1MMplus.pdf is installed on your PC when you install N1MM Logger+. It can also be found here. Be sure to download and read the “Getting Started” document located on the same web page. Another excellent source for help is the N1MM Digital reflector. In addition, Larry K8UT, has created a wide variety of excellent online instructional videos covering N1MM Logger+ which are must see. They can be found here.

In this tutorial, the steps will be to Download and Install N1MM Logger+, set up N1MM Logger+ Configuration, and set up the Digital Interface (DI) window for MMTTY. Optionally, 2Tone and/or Gritty can be set up in Receive-Only windows. You may, if you wish, use 2Tone in the main Digital Interface, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll concentrate on using MMTTY in the main RTTY window.

  1. Download and Install N1MM Logger+
  2. Set up N1MM Logger+ Configuration
  3. Set up Digital Interface Window for MMTTY
  4. Set up 2Tone in a Receive-Only Window
  5. Set up Gritty in a Receive-Only Window
  6. Set up RTTY messages page 1 > F1 through F12