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  • Uninstalling the MMTTY Plug-in for WriteLog
  • Using WriteLog on 75 baud RTTY
    • How to use WriteLog on 75 baud RTTY or other baud rates other than 45 baud.
    • The BARTG Sprint 75 contest is a 75 baud RTTY contest.
  • Setting the DTA file for Super Check Partial
    • Using the Super Check Partial feature of WriteLog makes RTTY contesting much easier.
    • This tutorial shows how to set up Super Check Partial to use with the latest RTTY Callsign Database so that nearly all callsigns that come across the Rttyrite screen will highlight.
  • LSB is really FSK…
    • Important instructions for those running AFSK with their radio in the LSB mode.
    • Explains why you need to tell WriteLog you are running RTTY instead of LSB.
  • Using the Preset Exchange from ADI file tool
    • Learn how to use the WriteLog Preset Exchange tool to pre-fill contest information like QTH, Name, etc. using the previous year’s log.
    • Using pre-fill contest information saves keystrokes, mouse-clicks and time.
    • Step-by-step example with detailed explanation and screenshots.
    • Lists which contests benefit from this valuable tool.
    • Shows how to filter QSO’s with DXbase and save as ADI to use with Preset Exchange from ADI file.
    • Easy instructions on how to merge ADI files using a text editor like Notepad.
    • All on one page with a Table of Contents.
  • OK DX RTTY Contest Cabrillo Log Preparation
  • Operating WAE RTTY with WriteLog