2011 Soapbox

2E0HPJ My first RTTY contest – great fun!

5C5W First congratulations and many thanks to Ed, W0YK and Don, AA5AU for this contest. I got a very nice propagation to NA in the afternoon that helped me a lot for score. I worked only about 8 hours in total. Thank you also to all who called me during the contest. I hope to see everybody next year. 73’s de Mohamed

7N2UQC I was able to enjoy this contest. Tnx for a fine contest again.

AA5AU Thanks to everyone for making The 10-Meter RTTY Contest a big success!

AA7FY Once ten opened up Sunday what a kick!! 73 de Mark

AB0RX Good activity for a brand new contest.

AI9T Never could get a good running. Spent more time S & P than normal.

DF1LX Nice condx. But not enough time to take part See u next yr for more activity from me and better antenna (TS850S+5 Band Trap Dipol)

DJ3GE QRP 2.5 Watt from FT817 via tuner Z11 to off-center-fed wire, 21m long 8m high or for the direction South-South-West I could use a 2 ELe-Mini Yagi. Nice contest. I got several new countries with QRP RTTY on 10m.

DL5KUD Thanks for picking up my 80 watts on a dipole up 10 m – see you next at more improving conds – 73 “JO”

DM5TI Thanks Don and Mike for creation of this nice contest.

G0MTN This could catch on!

G4FKA A good opportunity to check out some antennas I had put up during the morning to get ready for the ARRL 28MHz contest. Plenty of RTTY activity but unfortunately the band closed here before 18:00. Thanks to all for the QSOs. Equipment used was IC-756ProIII, 100w, 2 sloping dipoles, one facing NW the other NE.

GU0SUP An excellent contest, and loads of participation considering this is the first run of this contest. Most enjoyable, and only marred slightly by the huge number of PSK/JT65 stations around 28080. Loads of fun, and will be back next year!

HA2MN Thanks for Q’s!

HI8PLE/7 Had lot of fun, tnx Don, AA5AU for bring me to the contesting world,73

IT9BLB Just few hours to give the QSO to participants. Nice contest, I hope to be active in next one!

JA1AYO Enjoyed the new contest. TNX!!

JA1BNW Rig:TS950S 100Watts Ant:TA351 I really enjoyed the 10m RTTY contest. Thank you for your execution of this nice contest!

JA2AXB Thanks nice contest.

JJ5HUD I enjoyed very well. I will join next time.

JR2AAN/2 I participated at MobileCarShack from Iwakura-city.

K0FX Thanks to the sponsors for the first 10m RTTY contest. Looking forward to many more over the years. 73 – Don K0FX

K0YQ Thank you Ed and Don, and Happy Holidays to all.

K1GU TU Don & Ed.


K6GEP This could be the most successful contest launch in the history of radio contesting! Congrats!

K8SIA Best catch for me was ZC4LI. Thanks to the sponsors for a fun contest. Great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

KB2HSH Great fun!

KC2LST The old saw is “If you can hear ’em, you can work ’em.” That didn’t hold true in this event for me. I had excellent prints on stations in Chile, Australia, Japan and elsewhere that my 100 watts could not reach. That probably has to do with my G5RV Jrs. at 15-foot elevations. Those won’t compete with 10m beams at 100 feet. Nevertheless, it is surprising what one *can* work with the G5RV Jrs. and 100w. Kind of fun to work a contest barefoot! Thanks to all for the QSOs.

KD2MX Only had a few hours. Great fun. Tnx to the organizers.

KJ8O Congratulations on the first running of this contest, nice to see so much activity. Had a great time.

KK1X Well I think for a virgin contest, this went very well. Nice participation, and I think there were a lot of new callsigns that I didn’t recognize. A lot of prime operating time was taken up refurbing a PC, attending a club Xmax party, and relocating an 80m dipole ( I know – keep your eye on the ball!). Thanks VERY much to Don and Ed for organizing this!

KW4G Only spent about 2.5 hours operating a casual effort.

KX7L Just had a little time available on Sunday, but sounded like a great debut for this new contest!

N0SO Only had a short time to operate, but it was fun to see so much RTTY activity on 10M.

N2FF It was actually great fun with stations at times packed together from below 28080 all the way up to 28150. I do not think the old band has ever seen that many RTTY stations on the band at one time for so long. I hope someone took a picture of that band map for posterity. Biggest thrills were to have an SU in the contest and to be called by a ZS off the back of the quad while running and then a short time later for a ZL to call in while pointed NW. The icing was to work a JA mult near the end of the contest as the band was dying. I really did not think that JA was going to happen. Hopefully next year will be even more fun especially if there is more wine.

N4LV Not much time to play this time but will be back for the next one.

N7ESU Nice Contest.


N8HM Propagation was not good. I heard very little EU. An F station was quite strong, but he was operating S&P. I called a relatively strong GM who came back to “N8” before fading out never to be heard from again. I ended up working 13 Texas stations and several in Colorado. Propagation seemed very focused on certain areas at certain times. Very strange conditions. I hope the conditions are better for this weekend’s ARRL 10 Meter Contest.

N9BT Lots of fun. I should have gotten on earlier.

NK5G Great Contest!


NZ4O Here in Florida propagation wasn’t as good for the contest as it had been during the previous week.

PD7BZ Tnx fer the very nice contest.

PE4BAS Unfortunately did not have much time to contest. But propagation was very nice for the time I was able to be on the air.

RV3DBK TX 5 Watts, Ant Magnetic Loop (indoor)

VE7CC Its hard enough working Eu with HP, let alone LP. Easy for you with good propagation to that area. Don’t know what you have against HP.


W0RAA Band conditions were OK, but really slowed down in the mid afternoon. Plus, I had to shut down early to attend a family event at my daughter’s house. Had a great time and maybe the band will bless us by being open all night, next year. It wasn’t as good as conditions were in the CQ WW CW a week ago. Thanks to all for the contacts.

W1ZD Nice to see 10 Mtrs full of RTTY signals. I had fun ! Lets do it again next year.

W5XB Thanks for the contest. Next year will be on longer. This year it was work the contest, build a SteppIR, work the contest, rake leaves, work the contest, build the SteppIR.

W6YX I was late getting started and missed the first hour. JA’s were still coming in, but that was it for Saturday night. Sunday morning I had a family commitment, so I missed the possible early morning opening to Europe and/or Africa. I got on at 19z and ran USA stations as fast as I could for a couple hours. Then a little search-and-pounce as well as running. Total time on the air less than 7 hours. Really fun to have everyone on ten meters, and more than enough RTTY activity to keep me entertained. Great new contest! W6YX Stanford University (operator K6UFO) Equipment: Rig: Yaesu FT-1000MP, 100 watts Antennas: Force12 C31XR at 60 ft, 5-el at 31 ft, 6-el at 75 ft Software etc: WriteLog and MMTTY.

W8AKS Great contest, had a lot of fun, looking forward to next year.


WA2IID Great fun. Not bad for just low power and an indoor dipole.

WA9IVH Nice new contest!

WN0L Great conditions! Hope this contest continues.

WP3GW For being the first contest and my limited time, it was fun! TNX!

WS7I 2.5 hours tough with a vertical.

YO5OHY Many station tnx to all ,73 GL

ZC4LI Thanks to all concerned in running the contest.

ZS1JY Nice conditions on 10m, however I could not operate the whole day.