Ten-Meter RTTY Contest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Did the name of the contest change from 10-RTTY to Ten-RTTY in 2012?

A1. Yes, the name of the contest changed from the 10-Meter RTTY Contest to the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest in 2012.  There are two reasons for this.  The first reason is to conform to the tools used by the contest robot which receives logs after the contest.  The second reason is to eliminate any similarity between the Ten Meter RTTY Contest and the ARRL 10-Meter Contest which runs the following weekend.

Q2. My contest program doesn’t include The Ten-Meter RTTY Contest.  What contest should I select for the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest?

A2. Use the ARRL RTTY Roundup module or template for the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest in your contest program.

Q3. Is the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest scheduled on the same weekend as the TARA RTTY Melee?

A3. Yes, The Ten-Meter RTTY Contest and TARA RTTY Melee run on the same weekend but not at the same time.  The TARA RTTY Melee takes place on Saturday.  The Ten-Meter RTTY Contest will start immediately after the TARA RTTY Melee ends.

Q4. Can I still enter the contest if I decide to run high power (more than 100 watts)?

A4. Yes, you may still participate in the contest if you elect to run high power (more than 100 watts).  However, stations running high power are asked to submit their logs as CHECKLOG.  Any logs submitted that have the Category-Power tag set to HIGH in their Cabrillo log file will be automatically classified as CHECKLOG.  Even if you do run high power, we want your log!

Q5. How do the wine awards work for the Top Ten Single-Ops?

A5. While the wine awards are available to the Top Ten Single-Ops, two problems arose in 2011. Some people don’t drink wine for various personal reasons and the international shipment of a single bottle of wine was fraught with problems. So, the wine awards are still available to Top Ten Single-Op finishers who let us know they are interested. Wine will be shipped to US Addresses, but non-US winners will need to make the arrangements for a US shipping address or for pickup (by themselves or a friend) at the Dayton or Visalia conventions. We will contact each of the Top Ten Single-Ops for their preference after the results are posted.