BARTG Log Submission Info

Important Information on Future BARTG Contest by Roger, G3LDI

April 2, 2014

BARTG Contests

BARTG are pleased to announce that major changes have been put in place for all future BARTG contests. We badly needed some help with the mess that we were in with the 2013 log and adjudication situation due to a long-term illness problem. We tried several solutions all of which failed. However with the help of Mike Goodey G0GJV and Pete Lindsay G4CLA, we now have access to the RSGB Robot system of log submission. Pete has set up access for all BARTG contests and Mike has enabled us to use his software which is that used for the RSGB CC contests.

The culmination of this was that Simone Wilson M0BOX has volunteered to become the BARTG Contest Manager, so we are extremely pleased to welcome her to BARTG.

Simone adjudicates all the RSGB CC contests. It is a rigid adjudication system and as such it is extremely important that all entrants use the ROBOT and ONLY the ROBOT for log submissions. NO other method will be accepted.

The BARTG Contest Calendar is available here:

Although it states that dates are provisional, the first two contests are now over so there are only the Sprint 75 contests left and they are as stated.

To Upload your log, go to:

Follow the instructions carefully and it should be quite easy to do. Select your category and complete the cover sheet. You can check immeditately to see if your log has been received. You can also ask to be reminded of future contests. You will receive an acknowledgement of your log, which should be in Cabrillo form.

A few caveats here:  Please pay attention to the rules. If the rules ask for the time in GMT format, make sure it is. If the rules state that no RST is needed please make sure that there is no RST in your log.  Your logs may be returned for amending if conditions are not met. Robots do not converse, nor do they make allowances for mistakes.

Hopefully BARTG will in future be far more efficient and this new system will add to everybody’s enjoyment.

I look forward to working you in the forthcoming Sprint 75.

Regards from Roger, G3LDI

BARTG Chairman