2011 Results

2011 Ten-Meter RTTY Contest Results

I am pleased to announce the results of the first Ten-Meter RTTY Contest co-sponsored by rttycontesting.com and Muns Vineyard.  Click the links at the top of this page for scores, a list of checklogs and interesting Soapbox comments.  The contest appears to have been a big success from all indications. The solar flux rose throughout the week of the contest.  The contest started with a solar flux index of 160 and moved up to 164 during the contest.  The A index dropped from 8 to 5 and the K index dropped from 2 to 0.  DX paths were available mainly during the daylight hours with many reporting the band going completely dead shortly after sunset.  Intra-continental conditions were somewhat quirky, especially in the USA, where some paths were only open for short periods of time and some contacts had to be made on scatter paths.

There were 689 logs submitted from 64 different DXCC entities and all six continents.  593 logs were single-operator, 11 were multi-operator, and there were 85 checklogs.  In the Single-operator category, Carlos Neves, CT3FQ, out-distanced the rest of the field with 640 QSOs and 106 multipliers for a score 67,522 points to win the World Single Operator plaque.  In a very close 4-way battle for second, Jeff Stai, W6KI, operating the Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN in Nevada, scored 47,288 points to edge out Dave Hachadorian, K6LL, in Arizona (46,463 points), John Elsik, WA5ZUP, in New Mexico (46,176 points), and Fabi Bertolotto, VA2UP (44,100 points).  Dave, John and Fabi all had more multipliers than Jeff, but Jeff had more contacts and that proved to be the difference.  In sixth place was Mohamed Kharbouche, CN8KD (42,075 points), operating as 5C5W.  The top score from Europe was John Barber, GW4SKA (39,576 points), who finished seventh overall.  Steve Bookout, NR4M (38,732), was eighth, followed by Steve Hodgson, ZC4LI (38,724 points), who took home first place in Asia.  Ken Eigsti, W0LSD (36,754), rounded out the top ten.  For being in the top ten, each of these operators have won a bottle of fine wine from Muns Vineyard, courtesy of co-sponsor Ed Muns, W0YK.

In the Multi-operator category, the team of W0OR and N0AT, operating from Montserrat as VP2MWG, won the World Multi-Operator plaque with 918 QSOs and 108 multipliers for a score of 99,081 points.  K6KO and K6TA, operating as P40K, finished second with 72,030 points.  First place in the USA, and third overall, was WW4LL with WW4LL, W4KTR and KK4DAN.  NN6NN with N6EE and W6XK, finished fourth while KI4UDF (with W4MYA) finished fifth.

This contest would not have been possible without the overall support of those RTTY contesters who took part – thank you!  Also, thanks to Ed, W0YK, who performed all log checking and was able to complete the job in short order allowing these results to be published in less than a month after the contest.  Thanks to Mike Sims, K4GMH, for managing the plaques and Trey Garlough, N5KO, for providing the contest robot which accepted logs after the contest.

Plaques will be sent out in a few months as we’ve worked out a deal to combine the order with another contest to reduce costs.  Certificates will be emailed when they become available.  If you are interested in seeing your log checking report (LCR), you can send email to lcr-ten-rtty@rttycontesting.com requesting your LCR and it will be emailed back to you (please be patient with LCR requests as Ed is currently in Aruba for the 2012 ARRL RTTY Roundup).  Ed will also send out the bottles of wine to the top ten single operators on his return.

With such a positive result in 2011, Ed and I will continue the contest in 2012.  Remember to mark your calendar and see you in the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest on December 2, 2012!

2011 Plaque Winners (sponsors in parenthesis)

Single Operator World (rttycontesting.com) – Carlos Neves, CT3FQ
Single Operator North America (NA6E Memorial by Mark WT6P) – W7RN, op: Jeff Stai, WK6I
Single Operator USA (Abroham Neal Software by Neal Campbell K3NC) – Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Single Operator Asia (Paul Beringer, NG7Z) – Steve Hodgson, ZC4LI
Single Operator Africa (Mike Tindor, AA8IA) – 5C5W, op: Mohamed Kharbouche, CN8KD
Single Operator Europe – John Barber, GW4SKA

Multi Operator World (rttycontesting.com) – VP2MWG, operators W0OR & N0AT
Multi Operator North America (Jeff Demers, N1SNB) – WW4LL, operators WW4LL, W4KTR & KK4DAN
Multi Operator USA (Pat Soileau, ND5C) – NN6NN, operators N6EE & W6XK

Thank You & 73,
Don Hill, AA5AU