2012 Soapbox

5C5W I spent a long time (8h 15min) to work only 263 q’s. Thanks very much to ED and DON for the efforts made for this contest. We hope that we will have better conditions next year. All the best to everybody. 73’s de Mohamed, CN8KD

7M1MCY I enjoyed this test !

7N2UQC I was able to enjoy this contest.Tnx for a fine contest again.

8P6SH Low Sunspots and low power equal low score but still had fun!!

AB4SF Everyone showed up but the sunspots!

DJ6TK My last RTTY Contest in 2012

DL5KUD no Propagation for 50 Watt and Dipole up 10m – sorry – perhaps an other time 2013 – 73 “JO” DL5KUD

EA7HHV Muy divertido, pero con muy mala propagacion. Felicitaciones y gracias a Don por su trabajo.

F5RD 4 contacts in 2011, it was not many 41 contacts this year, it’s better, but always not many I have to improve my antenna if I want to do better Thanks to all who worked me See you again next year F5RD Bernard.

G0ORH Slow going in the morning, Condx did not suit the UK as EU was having all the proporgation. But some good dx worked worked S&Ping. NA came in with weak signals though some big ones amonst the callers. Ken..G0ORH

GU0SUP What a shame the sun didn’t cooperate this year. It was hard going and there were times when I thought I was the only person on the band. US stations were only just audible as the band began to close. I started with around 70 watts, but pushed it up to the full 100 in the last hour, just to try and get a few more States.

IK3QAR Very poor conditions this year.

JA1HFY This contest was in good condition, so that I could enjoy the wonderful contest.

JA9LX This contest was in not good condition, but I could enjoy the new contest.

K0RC As poor as the conditions were for this contest, I was surprised how well the DX copied my 100 Watt signal. This promises to be a great event, if the progagation would just cooperate with us!

K2PS First time in this contest. I was thinking it was right down my alley: Low Power, 10 meters only, DC a mult – all perfect for my SB10 LP station in Northwest Washington, DC. The reality was a bit different of course, with truly low-sunspot type propagation. But a contest is a contest, after all, and I did the best I could. I note, from reviewing the scores reported so far, and since most propagation was coast to coast, the Westerners surely had an advantage from population and number of states in the east. We Easterners had a meager EU opening, with likely only the stations with big aluminum getting heard here, and not enough CA/WA/OR/AZ to make a difference. The South American/Caribbean stations, whose skip got them to both coasts, led the way, and I have pity for our Midwest black-hole guys. Hopefully the flux will rise for next weekend! 73, Pete, K2PS/3 in DC.

K3CWF Didn’t hear that much on the east coast! Better next year.

K7VIT My first TEN-RTTY Contest. Thanks for the opportunity to play on a favorite band. I was on late so things were on their way out. I wanted to provide another QSO to the guys who braved declining solar flux. From what I heard, thank goodness for E-skip. :-)) Thanks to those who answered my calls. 73, Jerry

KC2WUF Ten-Meter RTTY Contest 10-meter dipole in attic running 50W.


KX7L This one was a bit of a bust for me. Wasn’t able to get on the air until late in the afternoon on Saturday, and by then the band was petering out. Sunday, though propagation seemed mediocre, I was doing OK until a tree fell across the power lines and the power went off for a few hours. Oh well… next year!

M0CFW Equipment used: K3 100W, 5 meter wire on flag pole with ATU Unfortunately no W/VE worked during this contest, Only worked ZC4, 5B4, UA See you all next year! 73 Kazu

N0SO Good contest!

N5SMQ Only 9 contacts but still had fun!! Love RTTY contesting!!

N6XI I was playing around in the TARA RTTY MELEE when I switched to 10M. All of a sudden, it appears I was operating in the Ten RTTY, but I didn’t know about the 100W limitation. So please consider this to be a check log.

N9BT I don’t think KR6C heard my exchange, so I didn’t add them to my score.


NK5G Although I did not make many QSOs, I made all of them operating remote control using an iPhone. I operated from a nice spot in the mall while momma went Christmas shopping.

NX8G/5 Operated from my winter home in Franklinton, LA.

PD7BZ Tnx fer the very nice contest. TRX was Yaesu FT857 25 Watts Butternut HB5B & 2x 10 meter wire dipole (40M) More info: http://www.pd7bz.nl

RV3DBK TX 5 Watts Ant Magnetic Loop (indoor).



VE9AA Operated the first half of the contest using about 28-30w….some kind of issue with my rig on AFSK, so much later, bumped it up to 95w with a small amp. Still, it was real tough to be heard on 10m this weekend using LP. RTTY is not my forte, so my macros are a little squirrely and I generally did not know what I was doing, but I am sure some appreciated the mult. Everyone pretty much hung with me to make the QSO even though some of the exchanges here were “by hand”….HI Thank goodness for some suppertime sporadic Es into 4 land to push me over the 100 Q mark. With the declining (?) solar cycle, might I suggest a 50 Q limit for a certificate? Congrats on a nice contest and hope to see you all next time!

VK3FM For me propagation just not good enough to sustain activity.

W0LSD What a difference a year makes! Terrible propagation. No wine this year!

W0RAA I have had more fun than this one provided. Lousy band conditions prevailed.

W1HFN Pretty quiet band condx, worked some DX.

W4SDJ My first Ten rtty. Band was better than expected so had fun!

W4UK Wire dipoles only.

W6HGF Great Contest, even with the bad prop and qsb. I had a lot of fun looking for new ones. I worked all S&P with my dipole.

W6YX Solar flux was falling all week. Fell below 100 on Sunday. Not good for 10m. Tom ND2T started the contest with less than one hour to sunset, but made 32 QSOs and 6 Mults in the first 1.5 hours. Thank you to Tom and the JA’s! I came in before Sunrise (15z) to operate the rest of Sunday. There was a big rain storm going on in CA, and it soaked me as I went to tower base (in the dark) to switch antennas from the 160m back to the 10m antenna. Even with low solar flux, I could start working W4’s at my sunrise. I could also watch the East Coast stations work Europeans. No Europeans heard or worked, our best DX eastward was 5C5W in Morocco. During the day, 10m would slowly fade up and down. Never “fully” open, just selective openings. Also “short skip” to close by was very difficult – New Hampshire or North Carolina were easier then Nevada or Arizona. Finally with 3 hours to sunset, whatever openings were left had shifted to the Pacific. In the last hour I only worked one QSO and one Dupe! Still, we made a respectable score, ahead of last year’s #1 Multi-op California. A fun contest, as long as we have sunspots! Thanks for the contacts. W6YX Stanford University: Operators ND2T and K6UFO C-31XR tribander at 60ft 6 el yagi at 70 ft One Yaesu FT-1000MP, 100 watts Writelog software QSO/Mults by hour Hour 10M Cumm OffTime 00Z 25/6 25/6 01Z 7/0 32/6 18 02Z – 32/6 60 03Z – 32/6 60 04Z – 32/6 60 05Z – 32/6 60 06Z – 32/6 60 07Z – 32/6 60 08Z – 32/6 60 09Z – 32/6 60 10Z – 32/6 60 11Z – 32/6 60 12Z – 32/6 60 13Z – 32/6 60 14Z 2/2 34/8 55 15Z 12/8 46/16 16Z 20/11 66/27 17Z 42/14 108/41 18Z 50/9 158/50 19Z 44/6 202/56 20Z 30/2 232/58 21Z 27/0 259/58 22Z 9/0 268/58 23Z 1/0 269/58 Total: 269/58

WA8HSB QRP; all QSOs were made with the actual maximum power output of 5 watts. Although conditions were not very good, I had a great time!

WB4ROA Terrible conditions. A shame. Very few siignals other than the conduit to the west coast from North Carolina.

YO2IS Strange propagation.

ZC4LI Got up at 02Z for this, I could have stayed in bed for another couple of hours at least. Last years score was around 40K but with no stateside Q’s this year a big reduction. Thanks to all concerned in organising the contest. 73 Steve

ZS1JY Conditions on 10m band quite poor.