2013 Soapbox

2013 Ten-Meter RTTY Contest Soapbox

7N2UQCI was able to enjoy this contest.Tnx for a fine contest again. Rig is IC-7600(100W) and ANT is Dipole.

8P2K Only goal I set myself was to beat last year’s score with more mults, and more Q’s. Mission accomplished. Propagation was pretty bad but had a couple nice openings. Thanks to all the stations that pulled my signal out of the QRN and to the organisers who have established a nice fun contest on the RTTY calendar. CU next year.

9M6XRO Just a checklog from me due to receiving problems on 10m. Heavy QRM by AM/FM intruders from the North are trashing the band here. Thank you to the organisers. 73 to all from Borneo.

DJ3GE Very nice contest with good conditions, but due to guests I had no time for longer participation.

DL3SYA *** Fine Contest ***

DL9MCC My first 10m RTTY contest.

DM5TI In my opinion this great contest could make much more fun with a HP category.

EA8AH First time effort in this contest. Nice experience. No need to start the generator, because all low power! Unfortunately need to stop operating two hours before band closed. (Need to go to the airport to send some friends back to Finland.) Very near the record though!

F5RD Very good conditions for this contest I started at 07:00 TU. The band was already open and remained open until the dusk to 17:00 TU I had a very good Sunday Thanks to all who worked me See you again next year.

GU0SUP Good fun for the time I was on. Conditions were OK, but could have been better. Nice to see so much activity on the band.

GW4BLE Only QRV for a short time.


JA1CCXI Enjoyed the contest very much.

JA3QOS Thanks for the fun Contest.

JA8EIU Tnx for the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest 2013.

JA9LXI could enjoy the wonderful contest.

JJ5HUD Many Thanks. I enjoyed very well.

K0FBV Ten meters can be a lot of fun.

K0YQ AA5AU best wishes for your recovery. Thanks!

K2PS First contest op from new QTH. 15 foot high dipole worked out.

KF0URA part-time effort, but enjoyed the time spent. Great condx, with almost everyone very strong.

KV4QS 10m band went flat around 1600 UTC in SFL. Thanks for a fun contest. 73

SM0CFW I participated 6 contests this weekend. Thanks for multiple QSO in different mode in different contests! 73 Kazu M0CFW, M5Z, JK3GAD

N2FF Could not stay on very long Sunday morning – prime time – and Sunday afternoon there were just not enough stations to keep me going.

N6EE Operated remote from condo in New Jersey. Station locatied in New York. Conditions poor. Fun anyway 🙂

N6HE Too much social life! Only 2 hours… blech!

N7CKJ Even more fun than last year, since I wired my PK232MBX for FSK, rather than AFSK.

NK5G Worked the contest running 20 watts and a Par End Fed-Z at 15 feet.

PB7Z Tnx for the nice Contest. TRX: Yaesu FT857 ANT: Butternut HF5B

PE2K Dear OM and YL, Its a very nice contest to work DX in. And i did a lot of them. QSL is via bureau. All QSOs made in QRP 5 W Dipole. 73, CU all next time, Adriaan PE2K.

RU4SS Nice contest. See you next year!

UA3NFI Fb contest.


VE3NZ CHECKLOG ONLY Only part time could participate, sri. Very enjoyable contest, tnx for the sponsors and tnx for the QSOs to everyone. Used FT1kMkV and a GP antenna, MMTTY+WriteLog. CUAGN next year’s contest,73’s Ben

VK3TDX Fun contest. Good to see increasing interest in RTTY contesting!

W0RAA Only put in 4 hours, but it was fun. I did some S&P and some runs. My beam was cranked down to 20′ due to predicted winds of over 70 MPH which never materialized at this QTH, plust the massive Arctic cold front and snow kept me from cranking it back up. So, I was somewhat handicapped in that respect. But it was fun anyway, and will be a regular contest for me in the future.

W5XB Please make new rule: Stations calling CQ cannot move frequency under 60 minutes or XX minutes. I dig a weak station out, only to find he moved frequency 5 to 10 Khz. If a station is not getting an answer to a CQ, it might be due to being on top of another station, experiening a band change, and moving as a result, BUT moving and moving and moving is very irritating.

W6YX Solar flux stayed above 150, but conditions didn’t seem much better than last year’s flux of 100. This year we worked 3 Europeans, instead of none. For us, this contest is all North America and Japan. We had two full time operators, so one could CQ while the other searched for Mults. Even with widely separated antennas, we had to pause CQing for some of the more difficult copying, since we were only a few kHz apart. We started the contest with less than one hour to sunset, but made 70 QSOs and 9 Mults! Thank you JA’s and Pacific! We took off 13 hours of darkness and started again at our sunrise (15z) to operate the rest of Sunday. The EA8’s had great signals, very few Europeans were even heard. Then it was all NA and SA, and another bunch of JA’s and Pacific in the last two hours. One computer temporarily lost its audio, quickly fixed, otherwise the software, radios and antennas all worked. We increased our score by 60% with more QSOs and more Mults, but without a path to Europe there’s little more that can be done from the West Coast. QSO/Mults by hour Hour 10M Cumm Off 00Z 56/9 56/9 01Z 14/0 70/9 42 02Z – 70/9 60 03Z – 70/9 60 04Z – 70/9 60 05Z – 70/9 60 06Z – 70/9 60 07Z – 70/9 60 08Z –+– 70/9 60 09Z – 70/9 60 10Z – 70/9 60 11Z – 70/9 60 12Z – 70/9 60 13Z – 70/9 60 14Z – 70/9 60 15Z 26/14 96/23 13 16Z 44/17 140/40 17Z 36/8 176/48 18Z 32/7 208/55 19Z 28/9 236/64 20Z 51/4 287/68 21Z 21/3 308/71 22Z 16/1 324/72 23Z 20/1 344/73 Total: 344/73 W6YX: ND2T and K6UFO C-31XR tribander at 60ft 6 el yagi at 70 ft Pro 57 tribander at 40 ft 5 el yagi at 40 ft One Yaesu FT-1000MP, 100 watts One Elecraft K3, 100 watts Writelog and MMTTY software.

W8AKS Flex 5000A with 270ft loop Couldnt get into a rhythm even with the super band conditions.