2015 Soapbox

2015 Ten-Meter RTTY Contest Soapbox

I could enjoy the very wonderful contest. Tnx for a fine contest again. Rig is IC-7600 and ANT is Dipole…7N2UQC

Condx were much better than expected…AA5AU

Operated two hours on Sunday. First hour was a blast and fun. The second hour was rough only three contacts! Still I had fun and hope to operate longer next years…AA5UK

Any errors in the first two QSOs are my fault. Logging problem…AB1J

Licensed 9-22-2014 I did this contest QRP. It was a great opportunity and I made a lot of new contacts. 73 AB3WS…AB3WS

For the last hour or so I couldn’t tell the difference between my antenna and dummy load but thanks everyone for the Q’s earlier in the day. See you next time!…AB4SF

My first RTTY contest. Did not hear many stations, but able to work most that I did, including Hawaii!…AF0W

ROOKIE first licensed June 2014…AI6CN

QSOs DX States Provs 10m 32 8 14 1 Total 32 8 14 1 Score: 32*(8+14+1) = 736 points As the band was closed to me around 1900 hours I ended the contest…CT1AGF

Rig: Icom IC-718 Ant: Homemade Dipole Pwr: 70W…CT7AIX

QRP 5 Watt from FT817 via tuner Z11 to two-element-mini-Yagi MFB23 11m high…DJ3GE

Wow, that was really hard work…condx were rather bad. Had fun anyway…. Tnx to those who made it into my log. STN: FT-950 w/60 watts to Gap Titan DX 8-band vertical. vy 73/55, Tom…DL1HBT

TS-570D with 75 Watts to 2el.-FD4 for all Bands TNC: SCS PTC-II PC: Intel i5-4460, Window7/64Bit, 4×3,2GHz, 8GByte RAM Soft: RCKLog V3.2 7 Fucking conditions !…DL3SYA



Nice contest again. Thanks to all…EA8AH

Yaesu FT-897D Dipolo Windom 80 vatios…EA8AQV

Transceiver – FT-897D 60 Watts Antenna – Center-fed 2x20m or 2 ele HB9CV Software – N1MM Logger+ V1.0.5334.0 32 contacts this year, it’s all ! I participated only during one and half hour Sunday morning. with a propagation no in great shape. Thanks to all who worked me. See you again next year. F5RD Bernard…F5RD

K3/10, 5 watt; spiderbeam Thank you for the contest, however, only little activity due to poor propagation and my qrp signal. Could not get a lot of attention…F5VBT

50 Watts – 4 elt Delta Loop…F6IRG

Not very much activity this time just Sunday morning & a bit in the afternoon…G3LHJ

Oh dear, such hard work, but still had some fun. A lot of ESP used as the QSB was very deep at times…GU0SUP

Tnx fer nice contest!…HA0MS

73 de IW0UWE from Sardina Island…IW0UWE


This contest was in good condition, so that I could enjoy the wonderful contest…JA1HFY

I enjoyed the contest…JA1OHP

I enjoyed the contest…JA1UTC

I enjoyed the contest…JA1VWK

I enjoyed the contest…JA2BQX

I enjoyed the contest…JA2HYD

RIG:IC-706 50W ANT:Vertical…JA3JM

Great contest, picked up some new CALL’s…JA3QOS

Tnx for The Ten-Meter RTTY Contest 2015…JA8EIU

I enjoyed the contest. RIG:IC7600M ANT:2EL HB9CV…JA8KGG


I enjoyed the contest…JH3GMI

I enjoyed the contest…JH6QIL

I enjoied this contest using single loop ANT.Pse OPEN!…JH7IQQ

Rig:FTDX-3000 100W , ANT:5ele Yagi Condx was very bad. Thank you for nice contest…JI1ALP

TNX Very nice Contest !!…JJ5HUD

My first Ten-Meter RTTY contest…JK6CSW

Rig YAESU FT-450 100w Ant 12m wire…JO3PSJ

Check log, conditions too poor for low power…K0BX

My first digital mode contest. Band conditions were very bad at my location. I worked every station that I could receive well enough to read their call and exchange…not very many over the 6 hours I was at my radio…K1AUS

K3 @ 5 watts to tribander…K2YG

Just a few hours to log a few contacts…K4SBZ

FT450D 20W with attic dipole…K5TU

My 1st anniversary of RTTY contesting. Still having a great time. Thanks to all…KA2VLP

Terrible Band Conditions. Good Bye my ‘ol frined 10m…KU4V

Pretty uncooperative ionosphere at this location – a couple feeble openings to South America was about all I was able to enjoy. Maybe things will be better next week…KX7L

I originally had no intention of submitting a log for sccoring, so I did not save or enter any of exchanges other than RST. The domestic contacts were no problem but I have no record of the serial numbers for the DX contacts. 73 Jim N7ELB…N7ELB

IC-756ProII, 50 W, Mosley TA-33M 21 QSOs, 10 Multis, sore 210…OH2LU

Tnx for the nice Contest. FT-897 with 81 meters long Windom and Butternut HF6V…PB7Z

Because of QRL and bad propegation, only worked with 7 stations. I did see many stations on the DX clusters, but not in my waterfall. Better luck next time! 73, Jeffrey PH7GIS…PH7GIS

Elecraft K2+Wire Antennas Flex-1500+Wire Antennas…R2LAC

Kenwood-TS-690SAT, 100 Watt…RA5ZB

PWR 50W ANT 6EL 3BAND YAGI. My best 73!de: Igor…RN2FQ


TX 5 Watts, Ant Magnetic Loop (indoor)…RV3DBK

RIG:FT-950 PWR:5(QRP) ANT:2el Delta Loop…SP4LVK




rig-IC746 ; pwr-100Wtts ; ant-GP…SQ9FMU

Just a few qso to make the TK multiplier available and to share the fun with my daughter (9 old) who tried to guess the qth from the call signs of callers. 10m shut down too early, a high power category should be nice. 73 to all, will try a more serious effort next time maybe…TK5MH





We (K6UFO and ND2T) operated remotely from San Francisco to a station in Maine. Propagation barely showed up for this year’s contest. K6UFO got up at Sunrise in Maine 12z to look for Europeans. Two hours later he had only worked SEVEN stations. Finally some weak and brief openings and we worked more than one-half of our QSOs and Mults in the next two hours 14z and 15z. Then it was sunset in Europe, and a long, long day of looking for NA/SA stations. We alternated CQing and S&P to stay alert. The Skimmer spots were plentiful, but just no propagation from Maine to many locations. The last couple hours 19Z and 20Z we looked west, but never worked ZM2B. Tom received a surprize with 3D2KM calling him! Big point contribution was 91 USA QSOs, Thanks! Also, thanks to WW1ME for use of the callsign. W1LQ, ops K6UFO Mark and ND2T Tom 10m: Log periodic, 42 ft boom at 114 ft. Elecraft K3, 100 watts Writelog, MMTTY and 2Tone software K3/0, RemoteRig and RemoteHamRadio.com QSO/Mults by hour Hour 10M Cumm 12Z 3/3 3/3 13Z 4/4 7/7 14Z 28/14 35/21 15Z 31/16 66/37 16Z 21/7 87/44 17Z 26/8 113/52 18Z 13/7 126/59 19Z 20/1 146/60 20Z 10/2 156/62 21Z 1/1 157/63 Total: 157/63…W1LQ

FT-817ND 5W, Mobile Whip…YB0ANN

Setup: IC-7000 100W FSK, 41m sloping wire, 73 Szigy…YO2IS

Veri nice cont. !…YT5W