2016 Soapbox

Call Soap Box
7N2UQC I could enjoy the very wonderful contest. Rig is IC-7600 and ANT is Dipole
CT7AIX No chance, no propagation this year. 73
EA8AH I had big antennas this year, but unfortunately no conditions! 8 hours operation and only 21 qsos!!!
F5RD Transceiver : ICOM IC-751AF 80W in RTTY Antenna : Multiband center-fed 2x20m 8m up or 2 el HB9CV Software : MixW 3.2.103 No propagation. 3 contacts!! Thanks to all who worked me. See you again next year. F5RD Bernard
G3LDI 12 Qs – wow!! 10 metres was really humming! This is the reality for the next 8 years or so!
JF1WCK I enjoyed the contest
JH4UYB Great Contest!
K7VIT I like this contest. We all knew that band conditions have been going down. I did not expect this struggle from our Pacific NW location with challenging propagation. I got on at the starting bell. Oops! Did I get the wrong weekend or wrong day? Nope. Just no answer. Well surely on Sunday afternoon, I thought, there will be some elfish RTTY proponent to send those harmonious diddles my way. Yes! Another local answered my CQ so we had a very pleasant QSO locally. Raymond AA7IH put a QSO in my log so I would have something to report to you. Thank you to rttycontesting.com for sponsoring this contest. 73, Jerry
KP4/K6UFO Thank you for the contacts! I was glad to work you and support the contest. From San Francisco, I operated the station in Palmas, Puerto Rico on RemoteHamRadio.com I skipped the evening start of the contest, since I had not seen 10m propagation from Puerto Rico after 20Z or so. I made my best guess and got on at Sunrise plus 3 hrs (14z), and on my first diddle was called by Don AA5AU. I worked another dozen, then tried CQing to Europe and checking European spots, but no luck. Best I could do was EA8 and ZS6. I took an hour off to let USA propagation build, but when I came back the 10m band had closed. For the rest of the day I only heard and worked a weak handful of stations. Not helped by the flare at 1755z. Well, that’s 10m… I also had some noise problems making copy difficult. I had a tough time with the close-in stations FG and FS. See you next year! KP4/K6UFO Mark 10m: C-31XR Tribander up 60 ft Elecraft K3, 100 watts Writelog, MMTTY and 2Tone software K3/0-Mini, RemoteRig and RemoteHamRadio.com
KU4V Even with K=0 only 9 QSO’s that I could pull out. Maybe a good contest in 10 years from now!
NH7AA Worst cndx ever!!
VA3PC Heard a couple more stations, but couldn’t work them. Worked only three. 🙂
W0LSD What a struggle.. this might be 10 meters last Hurrah for awhile. Thanks to all those that hung in there
XE2B Like a VHF contest. Tnx for the Q’s