2017 Soapbox

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WQ6X This was another last minute remote operation from NX6T in Fallbrook. After being up all night finishing the 160 meter contest I got some sleep and then setup N1MM+ for the Ten-Meter contest. Unfortunately, client commitments kept me off the air until 22:30. Calling CQ Test brought in 4 QSOs before I had to shut it down. Oh well, maybe next year. Look for my right up on this GiG at: WQ6X.Blogspot.Com
CT7AIX No conditions this year. 73
N2WK 10 METER FRONT DOOR WAS SHUT HERE IN WNY. Now that the TARA RTTY contest is history, why not change the times and date and utilize Saturday for the TEN-METER RTTY test. Just saying better operating hours may yeld better results. Just a thought!
AB4SF Dear Santa, My RTTY friends and I have been good – well, most of them have been… My wire antenna isn’t cuttin’ it in these conditions so please bring us some sunspots in time for the RTTY Roundup! 73, Wray AB4SF
EA8AH The more bad propagation ever! And very low activity! Anyway, one more 10 rtty done!
W8AKS going to take a while to process this HUGE log! Had Fun!
7N2UQC I could enjoy this contest. Rig is IC-7600(100W) and ANT is Dipole
K6UFO First time to try this contest from Washington. I have previously operated from California, Maine, Hawaii, Puerto Rico. So I painted up some boards and sat down to watch the paint dry… At the start, no copy on the few JA and USA spots. I did run across K7VIT – who couldn’t hear me. By CQ and S&P I worked four local W7’s in WA – they get a big THANK YOU! In the morning, I was up before sunrise, and listened and tuned a lot of spots, but only saw faint traces at best. By CQ and S&P I worked another four local W7’s in WA! Paint was finally dry, see you next year. K6UFO WA 10m:Force12 C31XR at 72 ft Elecraft K3 100 watts K3/0-Mini control head and RemoteRig Writelog, MMTTY and 2Tone
JH3DMQ RIG: IC-7300M ANT: 4el CQ 17mH
KE5OG Kept looking but no cigar. Worked two sixes and then WD0T in SD. That was it. Can’t say it was fun but it was interesting…sorta
OH2LU IC-756ProII, 10 W, TA33-M Tribander Yagi
JA2JNC/1 I enjoyed the contest
JE1ILP Using IC7300S 10W output, Antenna: 8.5 m long wire installed at the veranda of my apartment
JF1WCK I enjoyed the contest
JH3GMI I enjoyed the contest
JP3OUY I enjoyed the contest
DJ3IW I think the contest should be suspended until the upswing of the next solar sycle brings better conditions. Todays try was just a waste of energy
JA3MIB I enjoyed the contest
K7VIT Wow, 2 years in a row with miserable band conditions while I was on. I checked the DXMAPS.com website and saw E-skip clouds in the eastern half of the USA, but the Pacific NW was not so blessed. For the 2nd year in a row, I only made 1 QSO. Thanks to John KX7YT for giving me that single contact. Now, to start planning for next year’s effort. Thanks to RTTYContesting.com for sponsoring this contest on a very fun band. 73, Jerry