ADIF2CABR.EXE is a utility program written by SP7DQR. It converts an ADIF files into a Cabrillo file. To use this program you must download it from the SP7DQR website at:

On the SP7DQR website, scroll down until you see ADIF2CABR. To download, click on “Download file”.


Fig. A

The file you download from the website is called Inside the zipped file is the utility program ADIF2CABR.EXE. Extract ADIF2CABR.EXE into a known location on your hard drive.

Located the file on your hard drive using File Explorer. Right click on the file name and select Extract All.=


Fig. B

Extract the file ADIF2CABR.EXE to a known location on your hard drive. Be sure to check the box “Show extracted files when complete”. Note: There is no Windows installation of this program. The extracted file ADIF2CABR.EXE is the program used to convert ADIF files to Cabrillo files.


Fig. C

Double-click on adif2cabr.exe to run the program.