2012 Results

2012 Ten-Meter RTTY Contest Results

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2012 contest. Overall scores and log submissions were down compared to last year, largely due to lower sun activity. The solar flux was 98 in 2012 compared to a peak of 164 during the 2011 contest. The total numbers of logs submitted was down 32% to 470.  There were 402 single operator logs, 6 multi-operator logs and 62 check logs.

Congratulations to Shelley Parker, K7MKL, operating as HC2UB, who won the single operator category. Her 464 contacts and 97 multipliers were good for a score of 44,911 points and more than 10k points over second place finisher Juan Fedelich, LT0H. Finishing third, up six spots from 2011, was Mohamed Kharbourche, CN8KD, operating 5C5W. Rounding out the top ten in the single operator category were Massimo Zenobi KH6ZM, Dave Hachadorian K6LL, Luke Berloffa PY2SHF, Jeff Stai WK6I operating at W7RN, Claudio Nicolai LQ7E, Rex Maner K7QQ and Graeme Hunt, ZL1ANH.

In the Multi-operator category, the W6YX team of Tom Berson, ND2T, Mark Aaker, K6UFO, took the trophy with a narrow victory over Ron Lodewych, N6EE, and Chet Jensen, W6XK, at NN6NN. The margin of victory was only 2745 points. Finishing third was RM9A operated by Yuri Kurinyi RG9A, and RK9AMG.

If you are interested in seeing your log checking report (LCR), you can send email to lcr-ten-rtty@rttycontesting.com requesting your LCR and it will be emailed to you.

2012 Plaque Winners (sponsors in parenthesis)

Single Operator World (rttycontesting.com) – HC2UB, op: Shelley Parker, K7MKL
Single Operator North America (NA6E Memorial by Mark WT6P) – Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
Single Operator USA (Jim Barron, WB5AAA) – W7RN, op: Jeff Stai, WK6I
Single Operator Asia (Paul Beringer, NG7Z) – Steve Hodgson, ZC4LI
Single Operator Africa (Mike Tindor, AA8IA) – 5C5W, op: Mohamed Kharbouche, CN8KD

Multi Operator World (rttycontesting.com) – W6YX, operators ND2T & K6UFO
Multi Operator North America (Jeff Demers, N1SNB) – NN6NN, operators N6EE & W6XK

If you are interested in sponsoring a plaque for the 2012 contest, please contact aa5au@bellsouth.net.