2014 Results

2014 Ten-Meter RTTY Contest Results

This was the fourth running of the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest. The first three contests (2011-2013) went the way of the solar flux. The better the flux, the better the conditions with more activity, more logs and higher scores. This year was different. Despite an SFI of only 129, an A index of 13 and K of 5, conditions were actually very good. Not only were there a record number of logs received, single operator records were set in Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. This may have been the best Ten-Meter RTTY Contest yet!

A total of 743 logs were received in 2014, breaking the record of 689 in 2011. Activity was at an all-time high. For the second year in a row, Pekka Kolehmainen, EA8AH, dominated the single operator category with his world single operator record-breaking score of 78,302 points. This marks the third time in four contests the overall single operator winner came from Africa. Second place went to Mohamed Kharbourche, CN8KD, using his contest call 5C5W, with 66,340 points. In third place was Oscar Luis, EA1DR. Oscar smashed the old European record with a score of 56,462 points. Dave Hachadorian, K6LL, was fourth with a new North American record of 53,235 points. Fifth place finisher Jorge Krienke, LU5VV, set a new South American record with 52,500 points. Notably, Massimo (Max) Zenobi, KH6ZM, who finished 7th world-wide, set a new Oceania record of 45,524 points.

In the Multi-operator category, IT9/LY5W, won comfortably with a score of 46,095 points and a new European record. Following in second place was C37NL with 36,942 points. In third place, operating a remote station in Maine, W1LQ, from California were Mark Aaker, K6UFO, and Tom Berson, ND2T. This was a new USA record. Interestingly, Mark and Tom also operated KH6TU remotely and separately for a new Oceania Multi-op record in the same contest. This is perfectly legal under the rules. Congratulations to Mark and Tom for their ingenuity. Read Mark’s article here.

Thanks to everyone who made the 2014 Ten-Meter RTTY Contest a great success. We can all only hope to have ten meters open again next year. Next year’s contest will be held on December 6, 2015.

Log checking reports (LCRs) are available. Please send email to Ed, W0YK, ed at w0yk.com, to request your LCR.

There are still several plaques available for sponsorship. Please contact Don, AA5AU, aa5au at bellsouth.net, if you are interested in sponsoring a plaque. If you are a winner in a category, you are certainly welcome to sponsor your own plaque.

73, Ed W0YK & Don AA5AU

2014 Plaque winners (sponsors in parenthesis)

Single Operator World (NA6E Memorial by Mark WT6P) – EA8AH, op: Pekka Kolehmainen
Single Operator North America (Jim Barron, WB5AAA) – K6LL, op: Dave Hachadorian
Single Operator USA (Lost Creek Contest Club) – W0LSD, Ken Eigsti
Single Operator Asia – this plaque is available for sponsorship
Single Operator Japan (Ken Eigsti, W0LSD) – JA1OVD, op: Taisuke Kishi
Single Operator Africa (Mike Tindor, AA8IA) – 5C5W, op: Mohamed Kharbouche
Single Operator Europe – this plaque is available for sponsorship
Single Operator Oceania – this plaque is available for sponsorship
Multi Operator World (Wayne King, N2WK) – IT9/LY5W, operators LY5W & IQ9UI members
Multi Operator North America (Mark Aaker, K6UFO) – W1LQ, operators K6UFO & ND2T