Setting the Contest Mode

To put WSJT-X in the RTTY Roundup contest mode, open Settings and go to the Advanced tab page. Check the box marked “Special operating activity: Generation of FT8 and MSK144 message”. Enable “ARRL RTTY Roundup” and manually type in the US State or Canadian Province in the “Exch:” box. If you are outside the USA and Canada, type DX in the box. (Note: When DX stations enter DX in the box, serial numbers will be sent as the exchange.)

If you enter the wrong information in the Exch: box, it will show up in Red print. If you enter a correct state, province or DX entry, it will be in black print. When finished, click OK and you will be at the main WSJT-X window. You will notice RTTY is now showing in red in the middle of the screen to show you are in the ARRL RTTY Roundup contest mode.

Figure 2

When you return to the main screen, you will also notice a log window will open.

The program is now in the ARRL RTTY Roundup Contest mode.