Setting the Contest Mode

To put WSJT-X version 2.6.1 into the FT Roundup contest mode, open Settings from the File menu.

Go to the Advanced tab page. Check the box marked “Special operating activity” as shown in the example below. Enable “FT Roundup” and manually type in the US State or Canadian Province in the “FT RU Exch:” box. If you are outside the USA and Canada, type DX in the box. (Note: When DX stations enter DX in the box, serial numbers will be sent as the exchange.) Make sure “CQ with individual contest name” is NOT checked.

In the example below, LA is entered only as an example. Be sure to use your correct State or Province or enter DX if you outside US/VE (KH and KL stations are DX). The program will not allow you to enter an incorrect abbreviation in the “FT RU Exch:” box. If you have trouble entering information into the “FT RU Exch:” box, then you are trying to enter incorrect information.

When finished, click OK and you will be at the main WSJT-X window. You will notice FT RU is now showing in red in the middle of the screen to show you are in the FT Roundup contest mode.

When you return to the main screen, you will also notice a log window will open.

The program is now in the FT Roundup Contest mode.